Frequently Asked Questions

How is the compatibility of the anymaka hammock stand? Is it compatible with my own hammock?

The anymaka portable hammock stand works with traditional gathered-end hammocks up to 12 feet. If the hammock is excessively long, usually due to excess rope, it can be securely fastened by wrapping the excess around the ends of the frame. If the hammock is too short, there are a couple of options available. It can be adjusted to a chair mode position, alternatively, the length of the hammock can be extended by using additional ropes.

Will this hammock stand fit my height?

Our hammock stand has 8 adjustable points on each arm and a 105" / 265 cm ridgeline. It can fit a majority of people's height.

How much does it weigh? Is it really portable?

When it comes to weight, we have taken great care in designing our product to prioritize portability. It weighs approximately 10.4 kg / 23 pounds, which is comparable to carrying a small suitcase. Furthermore, our Snap-Fold design enhances its convenience by enabling effortless folding into a compact travel bag. This feature ensures that you can effortlessly carry it with you wherever you may go, without encountering any difficulties. And it's perfect for your car camping or you can simply put it in the truck to enjoy your ultimate relaxation.

Is it solid/stable enough for outdoors?

The anymaka hammock stand is designed and tested above industry standards. Unlike other hammock stands made from stainless steel, anymaka hamamock stand utilizes aircraft-grade aluminum for the frame. This exceptional material significantly reduces weight while maintaining remarkable strength and corrosion-resistant durability. Paired with our super-durable hammock made of 40D diamond ripstop nylon fabric, it supports a weight of up to 550 lbs / 250 kg without any wobbling or touching the ground.

What measures have been taken to ensure the hammock stand's resistance to rust?

The anymaka hammock stand is made of aluminum alloy, which is naturally rust-proof. Additionally, all the bolts and screws used are made of 304 stainless steel, and the stainless steel components undergo passivation treatment to enhance their corrosion resistance. The aluminum alloy used in the stand undergoes acid anodizing treatment and is coated with black textured paint to further protect it from corrosion. The product has also undergone a 36-hour salt fog test, equivalent to exposing the stand to the elements for 2 years, to ensure its corrosion resistance.

How well does the canopy for the stand hold up against wind?

We've thoroughly tested the canopy in windy conditions during our two-year product development process. If you're dealing with a steady wind speed of 10-15 mph, with occasional gusts reaching 25-30 mph, the canopy will hold up well. It may sway a bit with the wind, but it will remain stable since it's securely fixed to the frame with bolts. However, we strongly advise against using it on the beach during high winds. Setting it up in windy conditions can be challenging, especially for beginners. We recommend assembling the canopy before attaching it to the stand. Having an extra person to assist you during setup will make the process much easier.

What is the maximum adjustment angle of the canopy kit?

The maximum adjustment angle for the anymaka adjustable canopy kit is 180 degrees, which can provide shading at different angles throughout the day.

Can the canopy kit be used in rainy conditions?

Although the canopy is splash-proof with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating, providing protection from sudden showers, we do not recommend prolonged use in rainy weather.

What are the specific dimensions of the ultralight double hammock?

The unpacked dimensions of the anymaka ultralight double hammock are 141*86 in / 358*220 cm. When folded into its stuff sack, the packed dimensions are 4.3*4.3*6.7 in / 11*11*17 cm.

What material does the ultralight double hammock use?

The anymaka ultralight double hammock is crafted from 40D diamond ripstop nylon fabric, which is super soft and breathable.

Does anymaka ship internationally?

As of now, anymaka can only fulfill orders within the United States. Unfortunately, international shipping is not available due to high costs and the risk of product damage during transit.

When will my order ship?

We want you to get your anymaka product quickly! We typically ship your orders within 3-7 business days. But delivery times can vary based on where you are and the shipping options you pick.

For more info on shipping, check out our shipping policy page.

Once your order ships, we'll email you a tracking number. If you've ordered something that's on preorder, please refer to the ship date on the product page or in your order details.

Where is my order?

To track your order, head to our Order Tracking page. You can search using the email address you used when you placed your order, or enter the order ID from the confirmation email you received.

What are the domestic shipping options?

For customers in the United States, anymaka offers two shipping options within the contiguous United States.

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